Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Upcoming Move?

✅ Does moving feel like one big, messy hassle?

✅ Are you struggling with decluttering and getting rid of unwanted stuff?

✅ Is the process of moving multiplying your day-to-day stress?

✅ Is it hard to manage all the logistics of moving?

✅ Do you need help unpacking and organizing after your move?

✅ Do you daydream about magically teleporting all your stuff to your new home?

Our team eliminates the physical and emotional pain of relocating.

  • More than 300 happily-settled families
  • Move than 22,500 boxes unpacked and organized
  • More than 10 enthusiastic organizers ready to spring into action
Move Management

Move Management

Home Sweet Home


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Organizing and Decluttering

“A Place for Everything managed a relocation project at our condominiums. We had 16 units that had to be packed up, moved out, stored, moved back in, and unpacked so that the owners couldn’t tell anything had been touched. Not easy to do – but Sarah and APFE’s team of organizers did a stupendous job! Sarah acted as project manager, hand holder, feelings-soother, and conflict mediator to make sure the moves went according to plan. To say ‘we couldn’t have done it without them’ is an understatement.”

Lon Orenstein, Candlewyck Board President

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