Our Happy Client Testimonials:

Here are some kind testimonials about our services! We appreciate everyone that we are able to help! If you are looking to move or need help organizing, please contact us today!

“I had the pleasure of meeting three wonderful ladies from A Place for Everything. They made my first week in my new location so stress free. I recommend this company, my daughter used them as well to unpack and we are two happy campers. Besides, it is easy to keep my closets organized. I wouldn’t dare to change anything.”


“Thank you so much Sarah. You and your team are so dear, in addition to being efficient, knowledgeable, considerate, and amazing! You were all great, and you definitely made the week orders of magnitude easier for us. Really, I don’t know what made us even think we could clean out my Mom’s house in a week. There is no way we could have even made a dent in the project without you and your team. I appreciate how supportive and reassuring everyone was. Thank you all for your wisdom and concern. You and your team brought a calming and supportive presence that really truly helped my brother and I get back on track when we needed a gentle push. You are all blessings — thank you so much. You are really all lifesavers on many levels and I am incredibly grateful. I will never forget how much you helped us in a time of family difficulty.”

Heather Forrester Halker

“Before we found A Place for Everything, we had too much stuff and no place to put it! We needed to get our house in tip top shape before putting it on the market. We could not believe how smoothly everything went. Moving went so well and all of the furniture was placed just as needed. The time and sanity saved helped to keep us focused. A big thank you to Sarah, Kate, and Ann for directing the move, unpacking many boxes and getting pictures up on the walls. It now feels like home!”

Chris and Phil Rundus

“Sarah came into my life a few months after my husband passed away in 2014. I was in the midst of dismantling his home office and library and moving my office. In addition, I was working to eliminate years of papers and other belongings that had accumulated in the house. Sarah has now worked with me, a few times a month, for two years and I could not have accomplished all this without her. We moved the offices, eliminated all the boxes of papers, sorting through each paper, eliminated many other stored items, managed the logistics of several renovation projects in that house – from kitchen to laundry to storage rooms, moving from that house to a new house while the new house was still being renovated, moving my son to Boulder and a year later moving him back to Denver, and now, she has been helping me set up my new business. I cannot in a small paragraph convey the enormity and breadth of projects we tackled. All the while she was working with me we set up new systems and she taught me new methods of organization to insure I will not go down the path of disorganization again. I have worked with several organizers over the decades of my life and no one has come close to Sarah’s expertise and patience. From small projects to large, she and her team at A Place for Everything are the best!”

Denys Reid Margolin

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for us today. Dayna-Rae, Amanda, Rachel and Meighan were fantastic! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to each of them for treating our home and our stuff like it was their own. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference. I told my husband earlier this week that I am never ever moving again, however, if the old saying “never say never” holds true, we will be. And, when we do, I will call you without any hesitation.”

Anne and Rich Baer

“In one day your team accomplished would have taken Carolyn and I more than a week! Everyone on your team was courteous, professional, and likable. I felt that we were in good hands the entire time your team was in our home. Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone I know.”

Gerald Falchook

“Yes, and I definitely second everything Gerald said! You all went above and beyond and truly did an excellent job. We are so glad we found you!”

Carolyn Shulman

“Wow! Hiring A Place for Everything to help me get organized when I moved recently was the smartest thing I could possibly have done. Sarah coordinated my entire move for me with the movers, the designers and the new apartment management team while I was on vacation. I arrived home to a gorgeous new place and never saw a box. I had been worried about having someone else decide where everything should go, but this was completely unfounded. Everything was exactly where I expected to find it. Plus, I have never had a closet or office or kitchen that have been this well organized in my life. I AM LOVING IT! I can’t recommend Sarah and her team highly enough. I will always move this way in the future.”

“We just moved from Texas to Colorado and were faced with a sea of boxes. Sarah and Kate helped me feel like I could get my home in order. I felt like I had two close friends helping me with me move!”

Pam Libby

“Thank you so much! I am absolutely LOVING the kitchen now that Amanda has it totally organized. I will definitely be in touch when I have projects pop up.”

Kate Gould

“We utilized the services of A Place for Everything for my mother just last week. I’d like to compliment Sarah Gabriele and her team of movers. They gave us a very reasonable quote and did an excellent job. Everything was put back in its place, which really helped the transition for my Mom who was a little apprehensive about moving to assisted living. I would highly recommend this group!!”

Pat Nixon