Did you move to your new house weeks (or months) ago, but you still have boxes that need to be unpacked? Are you trying to coordinate your move while keeping up with work and family commitments? Are you trying to de-clutter so you can get your house on the market?

A Place for Everything® can help! Let our experienced team of organizers assist you with some or all the phases of your move. We can coordinate and help you control the chaos from start to finish. Our goal is to make your move as stress-free as possible!

Get help with move management and unpacking with A Place For Everything

Before the Move

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Planning for your move – We can help you figure out which tasks need to happen, and when. We can strategize with you and create a custom to-do list so you can easily decide which items to delegate.

Declutter any or all areas of your home – Assist with sorting, editing, and organizing throughout your home so that buyers will love what they see.

Help you make decisions about what to let go and what to keep – We can help you figure out what to do with years of accumulated stuff so you don’t move unwanted items to your new home.

Obtain moving company bids as needed – Schedule estimates and analyze competitive bids.

During the Move

Move management – Coordinate scheduling, supervise packing/crating, loading and unloading. If needed, we can photograph your furniture and artwork before the move to make placement/identification easier at your new location.

Assist with relocation tasks such as utility transfers, change-of-address notices, cable/satellite/internet installations, etc. 

Arrange for removal of unwanted items – We have resources for you, whether you need to sell items, donate them or have them hauled away.

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At Your New Home

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Unpacking and Professional Organizing – We can bring in a team of organizers who will unpack, organize and put away all of your items, often in as little as one day!

Recommend organizing supplies and shop for them, to help you maintain organization in your new home.

Creating filing systems for your new home.

Recommend professional resources for art hanging/installation.

Additional Services Offered

  • Referral to professional house-cleaning services for move in/move out.
  • Access to qualified/certified movers.
  • Provide resources for real estate agents, estate sales, furniture repair, interior designers, etc.
  • Assistance with partial/full temporary move outs for renovations. We can assist with deciding what goes to storage and to your temporary home and coordinate the process with a moving and storage company.
  • Help resettling after a fire or flood. Is the restoration company dropping off hundreds of boxes of items now that your home has been restored?  Check with your insurance company – some will pay for some help with unpacking and organizing when you move back in.
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