No. And heck no. It’s wonderful that you want to help your friend or loved one, but getting organized is such a personal journey that we really need that person to come to the conclusion that they need help on their own, and then reach out for that help. Once they reach that conclusion and decide to call us, if you want to pay for services for them, we’re happy to arrange that. But we would never organize someone’s stuff without them being aware that it’s happening. (And yes, that goes for unpacking. Last year we had a very sweet husband call us because his job had relocated him to Denver. His wife was very pregnant and he wanted us to come and unpack and put everything away before she arrived. I told him it was a nice thought, but if I was in her position, I would rather have a say in the matter. We ended up unpacking the house with her on Facetime for most of the day so she could help decide how to set up the nursery, her closet and bedroom, the kids’ rooms and the kitchen. In the end, she was very happy!)